April 04, 2009

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Vem-Dena Silverwing (Mage, Necromancer, Bladedancer, Spelldancer, Smith, Nomad, Evil Super Genius. Also grew 3 islands of her own and makes the most delicious pies ever to exist in the multiverse. Now a )
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Daydilus (Power guides those who will find their path)
Count Dune the Immortal


Require Adventure's to gather items to get rid of an upcoming evil

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers met spark for the mission, and were told that the Athenians sent him to accomplish a task to be rid of a great evil that is to come. He was given an artifact from Ekvo that would allow them to get the first piece of the item. The adventures were sent to the water plane, using the artifact to get there. They then sent out to gain a special ore that would never melt except from the fires of the fire plane. They went through various traps and puzzles and finaly found the ore, and returned home. There, a massequre was found as one lone man stood in the middle of the mess, count dune. He ordered them to drop the ores and leave, but of corse the adventures did no such thing. After the fight, Richard was left dead, but so was Dune, or at least it is assumed he was dead... The ore was returned to spark for a mission done.

Noteworthy Postgame Events