March 14, 2009

Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Claude (Dead now, but not really)
Lix\'Gye (Priestess of Neptune. Quarter Human, Lizard, Dwarf, and Elf, but raised by lizards. She is just looking for a place to fit in. Also traveled back in time and spawned a race of shape shifters and some tentacle porn.)
Roson Voc


The party investigates a shiny metal box.

Plot Synopsis

The party was hired to investigate a shiny metal object in the ocean. On tarrival the party checks the box and enters into it using a computer pass code. Inside the party finds some containers inside one of which a substance turns into an acid when it hits water. The party escapes the acid and gathers a few containers for study. Folling a few morw of the containers the party reaches a larger object similar to a spaceship.

While investigating inside the ship a number of automatons are activated and attack the party. After defeating the mechanical adversaries the party continues to explore the ship and discover a number of things about the beings that once used the ship.

Noteworthy Postgame Events