October 15, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Kat McConnell
Black Ivan
Lottie 'The Hottie' Grott (The Badass Lady (Yes, she is related to the great Jorjis))


Protectors needed to defend people from those that wish them harm. Meet at the Stopover Inn at 10 am, ask for Be’than.

Plot Synopsis

The party showed up and was told that a village off world had suffered repeated attacks and needed people to help fend off and track down their attackers. They are offered a flat rate of 200 sp for showing up and defending them with additional compensation if they manage to track down and stop the attackers.
They were lead to a small, run down building that housed a portal. The portal had a bit of static and was shifting in an odd way. Be’than assured the party that it would be safe to go through at eleven. At eleven the portal calmed down and the party went through.
The party traveled for a full day and arrived at the village the next afternoon. (The night passed relatively uneventfully aside from some rabbit hunting by Fabio). In the morning the mages of the group realized that magic on this plane didn’t work quite the way it does on Jaren. There was a bit of experimenting that morning with some high level spells that didn’t seem to work properly.
The village had been attacked at dusk the night prior. It was revealed that a crystal blessed by Isis had been taken from the common house in the attack. Jenny tried to take Roger to go scout after the attackers but when she grabbed him he was paralyzed. Roger was moved into the common house with the injured and Jenny took Lottie in his place. The rest of the party helped rebuild from the attack.
Jenny and Lottie managed to track the attackers back to a town several hours away. They did a bit of scouting and returned for the group. The party then set out toward the town. Roger had been revived in time to accompany the party.
Jenny attacked the men in one barracks, Roger went after an archer in a tree, and the rest attacked the second barracks. An alarm was sounded, fighting ensued and the party was victorious. They then began to question one of the guards as to the whereabouts of the crystal.
At this time Val started being attacked by spells. After a flashy entrance a new attacker appeared in a sphere of yellow energy with lightning coursing through it. He and Val faced off. Val used several high level earth spells. For the most part Val’s spells didn’t work correctly including a tower summoned in the middle of combat. The attacker was using high level divine spells that were a combination of Orus and Scrogg. Jenny joined in before too long and went straight for physical damage. The battle ended with Jenny under the effects of “want animal” going after Val and the attacker in a blue field.
The town had mostly vacated when the attack started so the party set to looting. Lottie went to the central shrine to find it cleared out as had the temple. She did find a trap door in the temple leading to a basement where many people from the village they were hired from had been imprisoned. Jenny enmassed and everyone got aboard for a return to the village.
The party was paid 500 sp each and returned through the portal to Jaren. Dalia chose to stay behind for a time.

Noteworthy Postgame Events