December 13, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


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Plot Synopsis

The adventures sought out to final end the treasure hunt for Big Whoop. They went to collect where the last map piece was suspected, and were told to get out by a man named Largo. After throughly humiliating and torturing this man for slight suspision that he may know somthing, they ended up with a dead end. As a last effort, Largo blew a small horn in his pocket which called for undead pirates. After hiding in Tanis's bottle duengon, Tanis waited around in an invisible form to find out what they were after, and captured one of the undead pirates. From this they found he worked for the undead pirate Le Chuck, and did not like working for him. After the pirates left, they searched the entire graveyard on Scabb island for the last map piece but they didnt find it. So they went off on another clue, which was a book on big whoop, and went to booty island to find it.
There they procured the book from a fat mayor who was too lazy to return it to the library. With this they found out the name of the man with the last map piece, and they he died in a fire in a small resturant on the beach in scabb island, and was burried in the cemetary. After finding his ashes, they set out to the voodoo lady to see if he could be revived. They were berated about disturbing the dead, and the voodoo lady gave them a mixture to temporary revive that one person. After reviving him, they did a small favor of checking his burned down resturant, to which after that they received the map piece.
They gathered the map pieces and found that they needed to set forth to dinky island to find the treasure. On the way they fought and throughly sunk the undead pirate ship. After arriving on dinky island, they navigated to the x and found a concrete flooring. After breaking it up, they found it went down into a complex, which they found the treasure. It had a lot of gold and two tickets to someplace called monkey island amusment park. There, they found the pirate le chuck, who had a voodoo doll. He tried to use the voodoo doll on tanis, but it was a weak version, and since he had Indomiable, it did nothing at all. From there they had a stand off and Le Chuck told them the treasure was really a link to the depths of monkey island, which was a path to imortality. They desided not to kill Le Chuck since he told him the body he was in was temporary anyways, and went home with their gold.

Noteworthy Postgame Events