January 06, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Quiet low rater


Angela is looking for adventurers to continue a mission

Plot Synopsis

After a long time of nothing touching the teasure hunt of this off plane world. Angela desided to gather up a few people and continue looking for the treasure of Big Whoop. They fought through a few pirates here and there and even learned of Capting Croker's Curse of the insult duel, to which Angela berly managed to beat. They recovered one map piece to the treasure from a store clurk, doing a mission of recovering a lost ship's figure head as a trade. They found another peice at a remote island next to Booty Island, to which was under the house of a drunkered. They tricked him into a drinking party and which him knocked out, they recovered the next map piece. After a few days of this, they were tired and wanted to go home, so they went to the voodoo lady to see where Jennifer hid the other map piece, and hid the other map pieces with it. Thats 3 now

Noteworthy Postgame Events