October 08, 2008

Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Darnell Light
Raven Hooker (She likes sex)
Roson Voc


Adventurers needed to assit with a wedding.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers are hired by Roson Voc in Rougtero to protect a wedding from possible interference. The party sets out on a few day ship trip to the island with the wedding. once there they discover the bride and some groomsmen went missing and that as members of the wedding party they need to help locate them. Also everyone on the island was some kind of partial breed humanoid.

The party goes to the seclusion house where the bride was supposed to be and find the four groomsmen dead there and the bride kidnapped. After casting spells determine what went on the party leaves to seek out the kidnappers of the bride.

After a fight the party rescue the bride and later discover some evidence of some of the involved party escaping. They were followers of the cult of the mysterious symbol. The party then guards the wedding and nothing happens then. After using spells to watch the newlyweds first, fumbling night, the party returns to Rougtero and gets paid.

Noteworthy Postgame Events