November 01, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Sir William


Adventurer's needed to clear out the haunts of my house. Meed Edward at the Coff Inn at 1.5 Bell

Plot Synopsis

The Adventurer's heared the tale of Edward's house, how a week piror to their meeting, od sightings were appearing. Soon after his staff was slowly turning mad, and some would turn up dead. He said that he went to the temple of Anubis to have the problem delt with, and the priests that went in never came back. With promise of rewards the adventurers set to the house.
After a few preperations, then entered the house and delt with many trials, most of which put the lives, dignity, and trust on the line. After they navigated the haunted halls, and being toyed with by what seemed to be ghost in the form of a little girl, they arrived to a coffin. The noticed that much of the blood that had been spilt in the house pulled into this coffin, and awoke a vampire. After conversating with it, they found they were no longer even on their own plane, and with further investigation found the rip in space time around the house temporarly merged their two planes and caused these various phenominons. The vampire opened a way for the party to get home, closing the door behind them.
The party then spent a week making sure the house didn't have any other problems, to which they found things were getting better. They found the dead bodies of priests and servents of the house, and everything seemed to return to normal. With this, the mission was successful, and they reseived their payment

Noteworthy Postgame Events