October 04, 2008

Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Fred (He hates everything!)
Oka-Boka (A badass bear slaying nomad)
Roson Voc


Adventurers needed to escort good from Portal Farm to Providence Landing

Plot Synopsis

The party gathered and went by boat and a little foot to the Portal Farm. There they went with the goods north around Lojem toward Providence Landing. The goods were imported woods and cloth from places through portals.

The party encountered some attackers on the 2nd day of their journey. A Sleep Bombard took a few opponents from the fight and a few characters. The remaining characters fought a few rounds against their opponents who were taken down in the end. Some study and discovered they could be associated with the followers of the mysterious symbol.

The party along the way also noticed a tiny star following which when talked to they discovered was a forming deity. It was not yet powerful enough to do much, but took a liking (or disliking) to several party members. The Smaller God as it wishes to be known is looking for people to believe in its existence so it may become more than it is currently. Byron by his actions toward it influenced it to bond with him and it is treating him as something of a friend/follower.

The party reached Providence Landing and got paid for their trouble.

Noteworthy Postgame Events