September 06, 2008

Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Magnius Yggdrasill (May the world burn by my hand, and may Rudri live forever.)
Raven Hooker (She likes sex)


Ruins to explore for the Temple of Taurus

Plot Synopsis

The party heads to some ruins found a few hours outside of Rougtero at the base of a sea cliff. Inside they encounter some strange floating spirit beings who to continue tell each person they may only take one object they themselves own. After leaving most of their gear behind behind the party navigates a few trapped rooms and eventually reaches a large chamber.

After a fight with some guardians frozen by a Dark Lock the party open a door off the large chamber and find some stored money and lute. I don't mean more loot. They found a somewhat magical loot of seemingly random effects.

Noteworthy Postgame Events