July 05, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Cal Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Dante (Connoisseur of all things deadly)
Serik (The were-gator you know 10 foot creature going to eat you?)


Edzo of the Black Hands seeks help in rescuing his daughter

Plot Synopsis

travel to Port Senfineco - thwarted a schemer in the woods.

Through Terminal-3 to the island of Seven Peaks. Found out daughter was to marry son of Edzo's enemy, Vera. Party finds Vera arranging a wedding for her son and Edzo's daughter.

Edzo claimed that many years ago his father told him that Vera, his love, was only pretending to love him and was only marrying him for his money.

Vera claimed her father told her the same about Edzo.

The party explained the deception to the older couple, and celebrated with a double wedding.

No magic items.
Experience varied by player.

Noteworthy Postgame Events