April 12, 2008

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Prietess Sandala


Adventurers needed to investigate the followers of the mysterious symbol.

Plot Synopsis

The party after meeting with their Torite employer check into the location of a previous front for the followers. While investigating there the party noticed a pair of the followers observering them at a distance. The followers attempted escape and the players engaged them in fighting. The followers had some kind of ability that allowed them to shrug off some spells and become stringer by absorbing them. After taking down the first group of followers a second group engaged the party and though they tried the followers did not manage to realease the giant sea scorpion they had brought with them.

After the combat all followers had been taken out though left alive. The party turned over the followers to the Torites and were paid because interrogated prisoners are effective for information.

Noteworthy Postgame Events