April 12, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Andrew M. Luers
Assana (Angry lil black haired bludgen lady)
Razer Barlow
Lusty Barlow
Fred StrangLove


The new head of the Red durt Rondo looking for guards

Plot Synopsis

The new owner of SMT is looking for person to guard gloem parts for a family member that was force out for worship to Scroug.

Kaet has come with child (two in fact) after sleeping with the razor's outside door guards. She set up house with the only one that what her. The rondo has giving a share in a wharehouse and a small two room hut at the edge of town. She id now Mrs. Kaet StrangeLove.

A rabbit that pole dances, bell dances belt the interworked holy sysmbols of Scroug once a day Shimmer and underwear with effect Cushion.

60 sp payment and 2500 exp with ex for good ideas and roleplay.

Noteworthy Postgame Events