March 22, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Allison Mattes
Great-Kabob person
Alex's char


A small seed of neptunites ask for help on defending what's most precious to them. A boat will be waiting to bring any adventurers to help in Centralia harbor at sunset. Ask the dockmaster for the boat to Slubliss. OR Any rate 2s: you are living on the island of Slubliss and many of the towns perople are getting dick and dying when you hear about the local neptunites asking for help...

Plot Synopsis

All the characters but Pernic chose the rate 2 beginning. Pernic took the boat and did nothing out of the ordinary. Sabrina's char asked to find a tiger, she found a big (approximately 25lbs cat). She bought it. The character who made Great Kabob's bought a big fish in the fishing town. She then proceeded to find a stray animal. She found a cat next to and rough looking marine. She attacked the cat, which was Sabrina's char. Sabrina attacked the woman, made her go unconscious, and dragged her down to the ocean, found a big piece of dripwood and began tieing her to the driftwood. The other adventurers saw this, and went to go help, each looting. The villagers saw then trying to kill someone, so they cornered them and took them to the only T'orite on the island. He put the people in prison and talked to them, made them go on the quest for the neptunies so they can pay back the grat-kabob woman. The grat kabob woman went looking for another stray, and found one. One adventurer tried to stop her and tackled her. Then she called rape. The town gathered around again and the T'orite was called. He 'revelaed the past" on them to find the truth. Then let them go on their way and asked to stop causing trouble. The great-kabob person went out to the forest, got kidnapped and set next to an old man who rambled. When she woke, she tackled the old man, missed, and fell into aging water where she died. Sabrina's character was set free and also kidnapped and brought down to the old man. She saw the Great kabob person die. Pernic arrived, built a torture shack for Sabrina's char which was only used as a cell. They characters (some quested) went out to help, found a tree with odd symbols. Solved the puzzle, went down, went through some traps (trying to kill each other). Found the room where they heard the crazy guy. They got the crazy guy, found Great-kabob's legs, and saved Sabrina's char. They were paid and awarded xp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events