April 05, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews


Adventurers needed to fix my mansion, meet Daniel at the Dead Eye Den.

Plot Synopsis

Even before the adventure started this was a cursed adventure. After the adventurers gathered in this bar to await the employer, one mistook a customer for one and insults were exchanged, in retaliation, Kalypso stabed this man, and in return was killed in one blow (bad critical). In his last dwealings he cursed this bar, and now every year on 3/7, someone will get automaticly crited by somthing in the bar. The actualy adventure, they sought out to fix this man's home, and when they got there completely suspected the butler. After investigating the home with bloody walls, broken chandilers, messed up floors and overall mess, they stayed till night. It was then when they found the place was haunted and, an adventurer got an anubisite to get rid of 2 of the spirits while they slayed the other (to which that adventurer is now working off that debt) With the spirts gone, the butler could finaly clean up the place which was destroying itself. They later found the main spirit was that of the mans wife, haunting the mansion.

Noteworthy Postgame Events