September 26, 1998

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Claude (Dead now, but not really)
Christopher Scott
Leader Prem
Boss Dobbs


The temple of Orus speaks out against Leader Prem. The temple of Orus explodes in the night. Rumor of an attack fleet can be heard. Lines are being drawn in blood. A meteor strikes just northwest of Prall. Meet in the Prall barbershop.

Plot Synopsis

Most of the pary assembles in the Prall barbershop where boss Dobbs is getting a haircut. Dobbs is alone in the room except for the barber and Crusty. "What only four?" Dobbs sends Crusty for more people. A moment later a Kurago portal opens and out step two more volunteers.

"Here's the deal. This meteor struck down outside of town. We have some suspicions that it wasn't natural. We want you people to go investigate. If its valuable keep it... if its a threat to us, remove it."

The party left the shop to purchase some provisions and then head off. Dobbs asked Claude to hold back for a minute and had a quick and quiet conversation with him. Then Claude too left the shop.

The party headed out in the direction of the Meteorite. Just outside of town an arrow struck the priest of Ra and he turned blue and left time. A voice called out "Halt! No one leaves Prall! Throw down your weapons and surrender!". The party, as parties are want to do, didn't go along with this and instead drew weapons or hid in shadows. After a brief and sad combat one of the attackers (turns out to be the city guard) is dead from a fireball and the others ran. The Ra priest came out of his blue-field mid-combat and got in a few licks.

A little deeper into the wood the adventurers find some fire scarring and a 15' diameter hole that has been dug into the ground. A few coins are lamped and rope tossed down and the party descends. The hold becomes non-vertical and then eventually horizontal. About 40 feet down the horizontal and it opens up into a large-ish cavern about 8 feet high and 50 feet in diameter. In the center of the cavern is a 10' radius pool of black goo.

The party tosses a couple of rocks into the black goo which go down without a lot of fanfare. Dom then stickums to the ceiling and starts lower a weight attached to a thread into the goo. He goes 200' before running out of thread. **** casts hear targeted 40' into the goo. She can hear some form of speach happening. Claude here's it on his radio as well. Dom casts 'see' and finds Bastadorians staring at a radio console and talking amongsth themselves. Dom starts realing up his thread.

The black goo solidifies and rises up into a large black golem who is holding the rest of Dom's thread. A platform start to rise from where the golem had been pooled and two Bastadorians can be seen rising upward. They tossed sets of manacles to the party and instructed them to surrender (not having learned this lesson from the city guard). The party reacted by splitting up and drawing weapons.

Mr XXXX took a swing at the Black Goo Creature. Naturally combat ensued and the party was doing a pretty fair job of whacking some lizards. A few more came up the pipe but were handled. In the end a bunch of flash-bangs went off and the party was rendered unconsious except for Claude.

A door slid open on the other side of the cavern and some Bastadorians came out and escorted Claude inside for a chat. The Bastadorians stated their terms and then said they were "in". They escorted Claude back to the cavern where he woke up the rest of the part.

As the walls started closing in the party hastened out of the hole and back to Prall. Again they were attacked by the border guard and once more got past them. They gave the information to Boss Dobb's who paid them off and sent them on their way.

Noteworthy Postgame Events