March 15, 2008

Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Vem-Dena Silverwing (Mage, Necromancer, Bladedancer, Spelldancer, Smith, Nomad, Evil Super Genius. Also grew 3 islands of her own and makes the most delicious pies ever to exist in the multiverse. Now a )
Fred (He hates everything!)
Kira Jackson


Adveturers needed to recover a soul copy for the Solarium

Plot Synopsis

** Sorry for the lack of all names. Misplaced the listing for this adventure. **

The adventures were hired to find a soul copy of a Raite hero. The soul copy could inform and guide the Solarium hence they want it. It was in the possesion of a being called the Herokeeper who generated soul copies of being who had died and used them for his own personal amusement on his own plane.

In exchange for the soul copy the party had to accept a challenge of the Herokeeper. They had to find the soul copy in the storage of soul copy sections and defeat the guardians that defended them. The party did so rather easily and recovered the soul copy and received a pair of parting gifts from the Herokeeper.

Magic Items

Leech Gun
Razor Wind

Noteworthy Postgame Events