March 01, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews


Adventures needed to find out what happened to an expedition to an Island. Meet Zorn at the D Bar in East End at 2 pm.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers sailed to this island to figure out what happened, reaching the island around sundown. Most of them slept and all those who did lost their memories, which was all but a few crewman and Hannah. Upon further investigation, they discovered that all of the islands inhabitants lost their memory as well. They eventualy came upon a kid who was carrying a seahorse, whom while talking to, whiped most of that parties minds clean in an attempt to sabatoge them and make them fight eachother, which backfired and ended in the kids death. They discovered after investigating the seahorse and records that this seahorse was a monster from a chaos portal, and feed on memories while people slept. They used it to gain back their memories and Eve ened up with the seahorse, using it as a way to erase peoples memories in exchange for allowing it to feed on their memories. Unknowing to Eve, the creature was ploting to rise again by, it hopes, to one day take over the character like it did the girl.

Memorial Seahorse: 20 DP, CDV=6, MDV=10, GDV=7, LDV=7
Stats, all 12 swith an inferior strength and an exceptional intellegence and willpower.
The seahorse may eat as many dreams as fills its stomach from sleeping foes and would eat as much as one would dine. Over time this memories are digestive, and over 10 hours become unable to be retreaved, inbetween time have the same effect as food does in the stomach, as in over time the memories would degrad as they are digested. This seahorse is an NPC and does not like being the one not in control. It also has a gaze attack that all who sees its gaze while using it makes a 5d6 vs will or have their mind sweept clean for 1 hour, remembering nothing and open to suggestion. They will, however, act on their primal insticts and therefore would act to suggestions as they would instictivly.

Noteworthy Postgame Events