February 23, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Zarush (Necromancer, inventor of weapon cast)
Priestess Sandala


Inviduals needed to investigate missing pets. Inguire with Caros Loran at the Temple of Osiris.

Plot Synopsis

The party meets with Caros Loran at the Temple of Osisris. She speaks with the party about the missing animals including a pair of wolves and a dancing bear. After given a lead to an animal bazaar where they might be able to find some leads they depart.

After encountering an Osirisite protesting the mistreating of animals near the bazaar they enter and speak with one of the traders by the name of Tanris Fenast. The party fakes creating a circus and asks Tanris about bigger exotic animals he might have. He tells them to wait for him that night in front of the bazaar and he will take them to his main warehouse.

That night at the warehouse after viewing a few animals the party hears some houses on the roof of the building. A trio of robed figures with swords drops in and attacks the party, while other robed figures engage guards in a battle outside the warehouse. The party comes out of the fight relatively unharmed after a good bit of Dark Locking and grappling. From one of the figures they are pointed towards their headquarters.

On arrival at the headquarters the party sends a zombie to open the door and gather attention. After it gets hit by a few Mini Bolts it falls. A pair of lizards and another pair of robed figures approach it at which time a party member blows up the corpse of the zombie. A fight then breaks out. One robed figure releases a man sized sea scorpion from a crated cage and it enters the fray as well, though it shortly thereafter bisected by an implae crit. Through spells, blades, and grappling the foes are defeated without a large amount of party harm.

Investigating the warehouse the players find most of the misssing animals except the bear and one wolf, along with a few dogs. An strange with a switch is activated by the party. It gives each party member a different creature ability at low power.

The party completed the mission and helped free mis treated animals and received 2800 exp each.

Noteworthy Postgame Events