February 09, 2008

Game Master
Dan Dubriwny
Dante (Connoisseur of all things deadly)
Darth Ket


Adventurers wanted to help successfully negotiate with a potentially extrreemly dangerous individual

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers went with vaster to meet the contact who was going to point them in the right direction. the contact didn't show, instead ember (a hot chick) started flirting with the group and eventually admited that she had already killed the contact. she says she can arange the meeting but in order for it to take place they will have to go find and kill a certain bounty hunter, discreatly. so the party goes out and with the help of halt times kills the bounty hunter. they get back leaving the woman who they were supposed to leave clueless, clulesss. after a bit of time they finally meet the man they were supposed to meet and he (who turns out to be a dark jedi) attacks the party though not seemingly looking for blood. after some negotiations and some more halt times they calm him down and vaster and he talk and negoitiate. the party all recieved magic items of generally low power.

Rewards: magic items: an earwig, ebony and ivory, and an amulet

EXP: 2783

Noteworthy Postgame Events