December 15, 2007

Game Master
Dan Dubriwny
Several low rate adventurers


Adventurerers wanted to locate and retrieve an illusive individual

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers met with red XIII and were then sent to another plane in search for someone named "the beast master" after searching though the forest and having strange dealings due to one of the adventurers eating some very potently hallucinogenic mushrooms they run into some talking squirrels when they chill in a treetop village that they find. after sometime a crazy old man shows up and proclaims to be the ancient of life or the ancient of nature (he can't seem to remember which). the party assume this is the guy and convince him to go though the portal back to red's castle. they get back and red reviles that this is not the man he was looking for but he can help in his search so red awards the party each a vile of his blood.
Rewards: Viles of Red XIII's blood
EXP: 2639

Noteworthy Postgame Events