February 09, 2008

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Allison Mattes
Zarush (Necromancer, inventor of weapon cast)


Help needed in starting a war off-plain

Plot Synopsis

The players met at a bar at 8pm, but all showed up before 4pm. Two of the girls got hit on by men, Rachael threw a man into one of the random prismatic portals that had opened up on jaren, and then started a bar-fight but paid the bartender for the damages with stolen money. The adventures met Pip and Squeak, their squirrel employers, and headed off-plain to begin wreaking havoc. They got attacked, they did damage, destroyed a town, scared another town with zombies and went to bed in the priest bunks. In the morning priests from other towns had surounded the building and Rachael was the only one there because the other two were in her bag. She saw two of the priests, then was attacked by four of them. She killed them all and precised shot and arrow through the back of one of their heads and through the eye. Zarush collected bodies, etc. At the final town they found the place deserted but found a secret hidaway, which was trapped to cave in to keep them out. Eve went out of her body and found the villagers holed up in a secret room, found the other entrance and a room below but not what it held. They were able to get to the villagers, scared them into obediance, and found some markings on the ground, including a small hole about an inch in diameter where they tried sticking a staff. It did not work, then they placed some vermillion powder they had found before and the bottom sizzled away, and they found 3 1lbs chuncks of adamantite. The sucessfully scared the villagers with various attributes that Aarma had done it. They were paid 700sp, and Pip asked for the other vermillion vial, for Aarma to free the soul. Instead the adventures talked to the soul which was a little girl wrongfully killed, gave her a new body from that of a felon and had Kira age her mind. That earned the adventurers 300 extra eps. They had also found 3 staves with 3 charges each. Total eps: 2954
Rachael also vowed to return on her own to kill more of the priests.

Noteworthy Postgame Events