October 20, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Rob Gilham-Westerman
Musang Dumog (Black Ops)
Mahogany Poplar (It's not easy being me)
Assana (Angry lil black haired bludgen lady)


You receive an envelope with instructions to meet at a wine shoppe in Little Lentri

Plot Synopsis

Cannon: This adventure was done to focus on some of the canonical aspects of Port Symphatico. In the last adveture (run 09/22/07) the focus was on the Barrio's of Symphatico, and how balkanization of government had occurred due to most areas of the city being controlled by guilds, 1trade companies, or specific person's. This adventures focus was on the pseudo-lawlessness with which some of the operatives that work for these entities operate on.

Events of the Game:

Unfortunatley, the time between playing and this writing are great, and as such much of the detail is lost. I will do my best to sum up.

A man named Galois set to meet the party at a closed wine shoppe. After some fooling around at the rear of the shoppe the party meets Galois, a man who says that he is interested in the movements and activities of Gregor, a female 1/2 elf working as an agent in Little Lentri.

The party gets a few leads about where and how to find Gregor, but due to some carelessness by one party member, Gregor captures and interrogates Assana. This leads to an ambush by Gregor during which Cricca is killed and his spirit captured and stored in a gem. Most of the party is captured during the ambush and Gregor interrogates and tortures them, but ulitmately decides not to kill them, as it would require a lot of effort to deal with the consequences.

Noteworthy Postgame Events