January 27, 2008

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Maru (I have the cutest toes, wanna see?)
Oka-Boka (A badass bear slaying nomad)


Help needing in killing assassins that are after me. Inquire for Siros at Trevoran's Floating Pub

Plot Synopsis

The party is hired by Siros, a silversmith and weapons-forger, to investigate and eliminate the rest of a group of elven assassins who tried to attack him a few nights before. The party is given basic info on an alternate realm that the assassins seemed to come from.

After arriving in the alternate realm the party follows a nearby trail into a forest and encounters a pair of elves behind a hunting blind. The elves attack after the party comes in close and a rather one sided battle ensues where one elf dies and the party questions the other. After receiving the info they need the party leaves the elf bound to retrieve later if they need to.

The party arrives at the headquarters, a small training hall in the forest and as Jacob approaches he attracts attention from the occupants. Two hit him with shuriken and he goes down paralyzed. After a short battle with the rest of the party, some odd quacking, and a Sleep Bombard thrown on the leader the party enters the house via Demolishing a wall.

Inside they question the leader and recover some doses of paralysis poison and a duck shaped rod he had. After gaining info on the hiring party the party leave back for Jaern, where he supposedly is. After staking out the portal they only get a mind controled puppet back and a set of images some have seen before. They go to the scene of the mind control and find no further evidence. Upon return to Siros's shop they find he has been killed and are given a pay stipulated by him if he were killed before their return.

New Magic Item

Rod of the Duck

Noteworthy Postgame Events