December 08, 2007

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
see list from previous game
there were some changes
but we forgot to write them down


continuation of 12/01 game

Plot Synopsis

So apparently the Widow of the Web is a fabled person whom none have returned from seeking. Ynyr, though, believes that he may be allowed passage. So the party sets off for another cave in another mountain.

The party gets there and finds a chamber filled with webs, some small and some large and load-bearing. In the center is a large structure, made of webbing. As they begin climbing the web, the party is set upon by a gigantic spider. They fight it and get to the center, where Ynyr talks with the Widow. Eventually, Ynyr agrees to stay in her place, and she is killed after telling them where the Black Fortress will rise the next morning.

The party leaves the web, and discuss the results. The location they must get to is 1000 leagues away. Apparently that's pretty far. Rell tells them that fire mares could get them there on time. So the group catches some fire mares and ride through the day and night.

Long story short, the party gets there in time, Rell dies getting them into the castle, fulfilling his own foreseen death, many bandits die, Alyssa is saved, the Beast is slain, Colwyn loses the Glaive, one of the party members retrieves it, and everyone is happy.

Everyone goes home with 2000 silver each, 2600 experience per adventure (2 game sessions made this 5200). Items retrieved include the Glaive, an hourglass, and a mirror.

Noteworthy Postgame Events