August 29, 1998

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Claude (Dead now, but not really)


Prall is possessed. If you know this and want to help, you'll be assembling at the "pit". Otherwise see Crusty for travel arrangements.

Plot Synopsis

As Dom and Claude assembled in the Pit, other people were reading an adventure notice in far off Red Dirt. As they started to ask who the hell Crusty was they were tapped on the left shoulder and a voice said, "Arrr! I be Crusty." They turned to find a crusty looking old sailor. Crusty explained the mission to them and suggested they discuss payment with Boss Dobbs when they met with him. He then opened a portal to the Kurago and escorted the people through the Kurago to a ravaged area to the west of Prall... The Pit.
When everyone was assembled there was much discussion about what should be done to get back Prall. Dobbs said they had two plans. Plan one was for Claude to hook him up with the not-quite-so-dead Lord Wills in the hopes that he has a plan. Plan two invovled bobbling the whole city until a better plan one could be thought up. That being said the adventurers made their way into Centralia to find Lord Wills bastard son Calin (William Calin, but everyone calls him Calin).

The party made their way to the Pregada road where they could enter the city as if they were coming from Pregada. At the outskirts of the City they were stopped by the city guard demanding to see their papers. Dom showed his papers and said most of the poeple were with him and that he was visiting his shop. One of the guards warned Dom that a new law was about to be passed restriciting the sales of armaments. Claude said he had no papers but was a member of the temple of Orus. One of the guards when to fetch a priest to verify his identity. The priest, Bob, said that indeed Claude was a member and a valued one and that the guard should issue him a set of papers instead of harassing him.

Once inside the city the party headed for the harbor area where Calin runs his spice shop. There was a small crowd at his shop discussing politics and the upcoming elections with him. At his side was a warrior women with a really big sword acting as his bodyguard. The party came up the shop and started BSing about matters. His stance on the Solarium seemed to waver between Pro and Iffy depending on how many priests of Ra were walking by at any one time. They brought up the topic of his father and he denied having seen him since his disapperance. Aside from a pat on the head and money to start his shop, Calin's stated that his father had never really acknowledged him. He suggested they try Lord Wills old butler, George, who is at the Sepulchre learning to be a proper priest of Anubis. The party headed for the Sepulchre.

At the Sepulchre they met with George. George also stated that he believed Wills to be truly dead. The party had hit a dead end again. Titus gave george 100 silver pieces for the temple. George told him if he really wanted to make a contribution he would take that 100 silver to an address he wrote out and bring him back four pink pills. Mantrix tried to donate 1000 silver which George handed to Titus and said bring back lots!

As they were leaving the temple Mantrix thought it would be a kick to go on the wheel. So the priests took him over and gave him a good spin. He got a neutral roll. Debris around the room collected into a pile and formed a headstone with his name, birthday and a cloudy area where is death date would be. The party then continued on to the shop to get pills for George.

The "pill shop" turned out to be a clothing shop on the other side of the street from Dom's weapon shop. Dom and Claude went into Dom's while Titus went into the clothing shop. The others stayed in the street. Inside Dom's shop Dom discovered that the Leger book had his manager writing "Taking a long, paid vacation... See ya". A careful inspection of his shop turned up the manager's body under a floorboard... it had been there for a while.

Inside the clothing shop Titus was greeted by a chubby, middle-aged woman. She looked at the note Titus brought and asked him to come into the back. The people outside saw the shop's sign go from "open" to "closed". Upon entering the backroom Titus was grappled and a voice told him that he would die if he didn't cooperate very carefully.

An older gentleman with dark greying hair of about average build stood before Titus. Closer inspection reveals that he looks like an older version of Calin, Lord Wills' son... so predumedly... "I assume your here looking for me?", asked the man. "I am Baron Wills." Wills instructed Titus to not yell or make sudden moves. Wills then asked his thug to release Titus.

Titus explained what was going on. Wills asked Titus to fetch his friends from the street. When everyone was inside Wills introduced himself again and much discussion resulted on the best way of dealing with the possessed people of Prall. The final call was to gather together every priest in the city that was not loyal to the Solarium and could cast a beneficial spell (divine word, mortify, etc..). Wills gave notes to everyone and everyone departed to thier respective temples to grab priests and take them to the "pit".

A few hours later had everyone gathering in the Pit. There more discussion was made about exactly which divine words to use in order to get the best results. After some experimentation with two possessed tied and bound in the Pit, They finally setled on "Un-possess your host without causing it harm". Then for the ones that made the check they were going to go with a "lay down". All words to be spoken in Ferric which everyone in Prall would understand but the adventurer's wouldn't. Dom thought this was a bad plan but one of the priests said "go along with the plan" and he got better. This being settled they headed for Prall. At the outskirts of Prall the groups had a last minute revamp of plans. The second divine word will be "hop on one foot" instead of lie down. Theory being the fakers will get tired before an hours up. Then the party spread out around the city.

Twenty minutes later the parties group moved forward and launched a fireball up in the air as the signal to attack. Divine Words started being cast and the party moved to cut down anyone who tried escaping. Yadda Yadda Yadda... a bit later it was all over. The Priests cast some detect captivation spells and offed any stragglers that got missed in the earlier massacre. In the end probably 200 people were killed but Prall was liberated. Boss Dobbs paid of the adventurers (food dumped into the ocean for the fish, some building supplies, a couple of coins and a cockring of prevent disease (only works when worn properly)) and the priests were smuggled back into Centralia before Dawn.

Crusty arranged transport for anyone who wanted it.

Noteworthy Postgame Events