January 05, 2008

Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Greyson (Marine)
Darnell Light
Roson Voc


Adventurers needed for search and rescue/ salvage/ investigation.

Plot Synopsis

The party is hired by Roson Voc of the Voc trading company to look for and salvage the company's lost ship, the Vals Wrath. The party after discussions with Voc on pay (1000 Silver plus hazard pay) departs Rougtero for a few day journey via swift boat to the closest waystation along the route the ship was sailing.

An Aerodrako passes the boat at a slow fly during the second day of travel and the party reacts with alertness to defend. The Aerodrako makes no offensive moves though and continues flying in the opposite direction of the party.

That evening the party reaches the waystation to find it afalme and destroyed with no survivors. Using a spell to see the past the party discovers the Aerodrako flying in the opposite direction was what destroyed the waystation. After some discussion they dismiss following the Aerodrako as it is well out of easy range to track.

The party uses Voc's memory of the ship they were searching for and teleport there via spell. Once there they attack a group of lizards guarding and looting the remains of the ship. After successful for the party combat they interogate a lizard to discover the group the lizards are part of was trying to take the young aerodrakos in a cave a drove off the Aerodrako mother. The lizards group is preparing to transport one of the young aerodrakos and is holed up in a nearby cave.

The party approaches the cave and combat ensues as they enter. A few lizards, a couple of humans, a pair of giant sea scorpions, and a young aerodrako all attack the party. Through use of Time Stops and a well aimed hurricane the party breaks the fight in easier to deal with sections and continues battling. During one of these small segmented battles Jacob has his hand deftly removed by one of the leaders of the group and falls to the ground. Shortly later after the leader has his head crunched against the ceiling Jacob's soul is transfered into the body of the young aerodrako and the party procedes to loot their opponents and find a small number of magic items they take for themselves.

The ship found and the party picked up again by Voc they return to Rougtero.

New Magic Items

Ring of Protection
Amulet of the Deep
Dragon Scale Armor
Bountiful Basket
Osiris Medallion of Power

Noteworthy Postgame Events