December 01, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Loren Ver


Please please please help us clear out a haunted graveyard. Unknown dangers. Please meet me at Accelor Shots at noon. --Dashend

Plot Synopsis

Bob – Jacob
Kat – Cray
Damian – Zarush
Allison - Assana

The party meets up, agrees to the terms and gets underway. On the ship ride to the island Cray and Jacob have a misunderstanding over the rules of shovel fighting. Assana takes that opportunity to bludgeon and unsuspecting Jacob while Zarush ties notes to animated hands about not fighting and sends them into the group.

Also on the trip, Cray decides to go around as Jacob, and Jacob goes around as Cray, causing confusion and much stupidity. They spend the rest of the adventure as such.

Once they reach the island they head right for the grave area. Upon arriving they notice no zombies (that is what they specifically decide to look for) but they do manage to spot a small row boat with three people leaving the island.

Cray/Jacob and Jacob/Cray “riverman” out of the boat and start chit chatting. Assana decides she wants to join, but finds out slightly too late that she has no idea how to swim. She begins floundering helplessly in about 5 feet of water.

After several lightening bolts, force hits, and a halt time, the baddies are all killed, Assana is rescued. Once the bodies are recovered the debate begins on if the hands are a single loot or individual pieces, since Zarish has an interest in having them. After about half an hour of arguing they wander back into the village with all the hands being left behind on the original owners.

The group then decides to be paid instead of chasing after the possible contacts or purpose.

100 sp per person

Base 2500
Extra to Assana towards swimming skill
Extra to all (between 100-300) for role playing.

Noteworthy Postgame Events