December 15, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Corrigon Fortarn (Saint Emperor Corrigon Fortarn, Profit of Cronk, Minion of Zephrin, Harbinger of the gods of life and being. Professional Survival Specialist (Upgrade of Cannon Fodder))
Cal Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Zarush (Necromancer, inventor of weapon cast)
Conent Trouslow


Derik hires to serve as armed escort -- meet at the Spectral Meteor

Plot Synopsis

"Derik" is actually Tanis.

People are hired by Tanis to escort a young heiress to Rougtero. She is a witness in a crime, needed at the Enclave to give testimony.

They go, meet the girl, and start back. They made their preparations, and set about guard duty. They foiled the plot as it was in motion, but the woule-be assassin escaped, taking the weapon with him. The group did discover some other artifacts he left behind.

The witness made it back safely, and gave her testimony. Bad guys were punished, much to the delight of the citizens of Rougtero.

Noteworthy Postgame Events