December 01, 2007

Game Master
Ben Stephenson
Hanah Hazard (Priestess of both Almar and Orus. She is completely insane and likes it that way.)
earth mage formerly known as Kaligosis
Fire Mage
new Auger


Village needs assistance with a Hirudo problem

Plot Synopsis

*Sorry lost the names of the most of the people playing in the game. I tried to remember but only got so far.*

The players arrive at the first Knight over the course of the Day and meet with their employer, a Raite named Ravoc. He and his fellow village priests are gathering a hunting party to hunt down what they think is a Hirudo who is causing villagers to disappear. They are to leave the next morning. The cahracter formerly Kaligosis changes gender via a Scrogg spell into a woman.

The party is teleported to the village the next morning by Aeris, an old village wizard. The party returns to find more people missing, the other priests of Ra absent, and their sacred relic, the Ra stunner, gone as well. The party precedes to the most likely place to find the Hirudo which is the local mine. After some exploring of the mine a Hirudo drops in and attacks the party.

The Hirudo goes down in a rain of bullets, sword hits, fire magic, and a well aimed audacious. The players find a few captives and release them. After that the players continue and investigate a newly opened chamber in the mine. It leads into a large room with a statue and sarcophagus in it. Another Hirudo drops in behind them and onlyu has time to cast a spell on himself before being promptly fireballed. After a mixed result session of spellcasting and pushing the party opens the sarcophagus and discovers a woman in an suspended state who looks like the statue.

Hannah at this point casts a spell requiring touch and fails it. A life draining effect on the woman activates, drains Hannah and bbrings the woman back to life. Combat ensues where half the party is Halt Timed and the rest regroup and attack with fire magic and fear causing spells. The woman, a Hirudo, escapes using a spell and the party returns to town.

On the way back to town a missing Solarium apprentice is found dead by Hirudo drain. He had on his possesion the missing Ra Stunner. The party reaches the town and finds a note waiting for them at the Solarium, seemingly left there when no one was looking.

It reads
"Thank you for freeing me. I go now to find my sisters. Then we will see who is more powerful.
Serith Can'el"

The party gets the items the found checked and returns to Rougtero.

New Magic Items

Ra Stunner
Spell Orb
Flame of the West
Overload Capacitor
Disk O Inferno

Characters received 3000 exp each for successful completion of assigned mission and rescuing captured villagers

Noteworthy Postgame Events