April 07, 2007

Game Master
Joseph Concha
Dan W.
Dan D.
Adam C.
Erin F.
2 other people


Players needed to try exciting new sport.

Plot Synopsis

The players were all drafted by an offworlder named 'Joe' that wished to teach them a new sport. After carefully laying out the rules, a game of 'Football' was played between Jaern's team, the Jaernian Quezls (they are small, but deadly). They played against the Farmington Peasants and defeated them in a triumphant victory. Jaern is now 1-0. Dan W. has since created a costume and is now the official mascot of Jaern (with working venom built into the suit).

EP: 2800ish
Pay: 100ish silver

(My bad, this game happened half a year ago)

Noteworthy Postgame Events