December 31, 1969

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver


Assistance needed to help rescue my wife.

Plot Synopsis

The group showed up and after receiving some basic information from a "functionary" left Jaern to go meet Srylan. Once there it was explained that Srylan's wife was being held by a not nice group of people that are in control of a nearby city. She had done nothing wrong, but they were using her to get to him.

The party agrees to assist and heads to the city. Two groups form. One uses a magical means to find the wife, while the other goes after the information centers.

Using a large quantity of spells (some hindering more than helping thanks for Figment) the group is able to rescue the wife and all other in the jail without the guards knowing where they had gone.

In the mean time Brax finds his way to an information building, finding the record he wants isn't there he starts the files ablaze. The other two sneaks see the smoke and head out of town.

The group, including the 30ish rescued peoples make it back to Srylan. The freed people left to help the cause if they wish and the party is paid in silver.

Noteworthy Postgame Events