September 15, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Damian Mathews
Greyson (Marine)
Ray and Larry


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Plot Synopsis

The 2 adventures were put in a 2-man team tournament which was held off world. The first day of the tournament, they fought though a maze, getting though various traps and riddles in order to get to the center, the first 10 teams won.They managed to do this and made it to the battle royal which was to take place the day after. During the night, Rachel was "attacked" by someone who tried to cheat, but killed the assailent. The next day, they had to fight through a tournament of matches that involved fighting: A Paladin and a cleric round 1, A black gravitational control creature with a succubus/siren round 2, A glob creature and a morph creature round 3, and a fire alien in the final round. Even though the two adventures were victorious, the main prize had been stolen. They were paid an additional ammount with the prize for the inconvience of reretreiving the prize. They tracked them down to a cave and took out the bandits with ease, 5 who were smart and listen to them which ray and larry were among, who now work for the adventurers. (Ray is a lizard). The prize consisted of armor of detect evil, a ball of scry person, and a sword of holy light, which was traded for to get a spell for a bag of holding.

Noteworthy Postgame Events