August 25, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Amorphous Bob
Ingrid - Priestess of Osiris


A teary eyed maru approaches your for help dealing with an old meanie

Plot Synopsis

Maru explains that she recently went seaching for unicorns to feed apples to. She found that the unicorns had been rounded up and killed for their horns. Based on information collected from the people involved, a man named Vatterfield was responsible for the expedition.

Maru wishes to go to check out Vatterfield and, if he's truely guilty, punch him in the nuts. So the party travels a for a time to get to the island on which Vatterfield currently resides.

After much time spent staking out the house and trying not to teleport into things, they eventually break in and search the place. Tess finds a secret compartment containing two vials. One of which appears to be ground up horn. To cover their break in, they release a badger into the room so the damage seems to have a natural cause.

The party talks to an Osiron living on the island, who contacts several nearby groves to deal with this serious affront to their god. The party waits around the area for the arrival of the other priests.

Exp - 2500

Noteworthy Postgame Events