August 04, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Kettleburn - Priest of Osiris
Heidi - Villianess
Assorted Goons
Tabitha - Fajrodraco


Maru needs your help

Plot Synopsis

Maru contacts a bunch of people to help her on a quest to feed an apple to a unicorn. After explaining the situation, with the use of colorful visual aides, they set sail for Kettleburn's Preserve for Interesting Creatures; a place Maru believe she will find a unicorn herd.

The trip is uneventual and they arrive at the island. The speak to Kettleburn, a one arm old man who runs the preserve. They get a layout of the island and some basic information about the creatures there, including the warning that a Fajrodraco named Tabitha is a bit territorial and has attacked things flying around her volcano.

Eventually, the party makes their way to the unicorn herd's usual location. They find no unicorns. After some searchng/frollicing in the field, they run across a group of people crating up the unicorns in crates. A girl of about eightteen seems to be incharge and teleports the crates away in a nausiatinly cute rainbow effect.

Combat ensues. Mehr is killed and subsequently looted for cash. The situation comes under control after the girl is captured and Tess manages to kill Mehr's looter by just pointing at him, effectivly intimiating most of the remaing goons.

After some questioning they find that the girl, Heidi, is collecting Unicorns to get their "Happy unicorn magic" for a man named Vatterfield who claims to have completley run out. The rainbow transpotrted them to a waiting ship near the island. The priests of Osiris place a few spells on her to limit her ability to cause further harm to Osiris' creatures while the party attempts to figure out how to rescue the unicorns.

Tess comes up with the idea to contact the Fajrodraco and let her know that people are showing up on the island to loot magical creatures, hoping her self interest will compell her to help. Tabitha sends a clear message to the ship that coming to the preserve with hostile intentions is a bad idea. She sadly informs the party that the unicorns were killed and their horns removed, lightly sent by magic to Vatterfield.

The party takes Heidi and goons into custody for questioning and later punishment for their crimes against Osiris. Kettleburn makes arrangements for the other groves in the region to be warned about potential poachers.

EXP - 2700
Payment - None, as the condition of feeding a unicorn was not met

Noteworthy Events:

Mehr is killed
A magical rainbow amulet is recoved
Two maigcal pink hair ribbons were recovered
An adventuring party interacted with a draco other than to kill it for its hoard.

Noteworthy Postgame Events