June 23, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Loren Ver


A group of peple are needed to wreak havoc on some rostabouts. If able contact Stone at Accellor Shots at dusk

Plot Synopsis

The Group shows up and eventually finds Stone (a rather pale, short, 30 something male). He explains that he needs them to go and shake up around group of people that live in the same cave system as his people. Doesn't really want them killed just freaked out a little. He seems to think this will help future encounters with these other folks go less violently if they are afraid of what else is out there. For 200 sp the group decides to go along with this.

Stone has a mini travel portal with him and the use that to get into the caves off world. After some explaination as to how to use the travel portals the group heads off to do the deed.

The first person they encounter they manage to grab and then use his now booze soaked unconcious body to"spook " other people. It wasn't so much spooking as knocking people unconcious and capturing them. Eventually they come across a larger group and some protectors. Through some unfortunate and unplanned teamwork the group manages to burn the group of champions alive, leaving the "village" undefended. The then spend a few hours harrassing the locals. Being that they accidentally killed the leaders, none of the local puds seems to be making the decision to make the group their gods.

Eventually deciding that harrassing and randomly killing the people isn't really wreaking havoc the party meets back up with Stone. They claim victory and get paid. Howard decides he would rather have a "worm debowler" Mara negotiates for a different payment as well.

Noteworthy Postgame Events