July 18, 1998

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Claude (Dead now, but not really)
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
The fatman


The fatman is looking for a destraction... he also needs someone taken from the Solarium.

Plot Synopsis

The party was instructed to meat the 'fat man' outside either the Hell Fire Club in Rougtero or Spats in Pregada. When the fat man showed up he was accompanied by a weathered seaman. The fat man proceded to give the adventurers a breakdown of their mission:

I need a distraction. I have to speak to a certain gentleman who is being guarded by priests of Ra. I need something to occur in the city major enough for them to be called from their posts. Thats the easy part. You get half your money for getting the guards away. The next part is more tricky. Inside the Solarium is a body. I need you to bring it to me. You'll know it when you see it, there aren't a lot of shadow walker bodies lying around the Solarium.

After a bit of haggling and dissembling the party put together their plan. The fat man needed 3.5 hours to position himself. The distraction had to occur soon after.
The party left Pregada heading for Centralia. At about the half way point two men appeared about 100 feet in front of the party. One said 'thats him' pointing in Dom's general direction. The other let loose what appeared to be a lightning bolt (later determined to be ombradalor finessed for appearance). Claude quickly ascertained that both men were priests just in time for Alyxandra to bobble both men.

The party circuvented the blue sphere intending to deal with the Hirudo after their main mission.

At the checkpoint outside Centralia the party was stopped again. The guard on duty (a priest of Tor) asked their business. Since the guard spoke in Ferric and the majority of the party didn't speak Ferric... Alyxandra and Claude did the talking. BS ... BS ... the pary signs and enters the city.

Once in the City they immediately head for the Solarium to case it. Not too busy, a reasonably easy take. Dom and Eva head into the Solarium. After a brief chat with a priest who speaks Paroli, they were escorted to the door. Since there was a few hours to kill, others sought diversion among the shops and street performers.

Toward the appointed hour Alyxandra deferred some fireballs to coins and started tossing them around the area. The plan was made and everyone was ready. Claude slipped into the side yard of the Solarium. On schedule Alyxandra through a fireball at the door of the Solarium yelling 'For Rudri!'. The fireball went off as Eva ran the other way shouting that their were Hirudo attacking. Dom and Misumi were no where to be seen (wink, wink, say no more... seriously, no one had
any idea where they went... including their players probably). Alyxandra set off the other deferred fireballs and chaos ensued.

During the chaos, Claude dove through a broken window into the Solarium and headed straight for the basement. A bit of hacking later and he was hidden in the darkness of the basement playing cat and mouse with two others in the basement. Claude successfully killed the two people in the basement and lamped a coin to search the basement. He found a small doorway that opened into some sort of meeting room. Through a door on the otherside of the meeting room he found a door with lots of boxes. Before he could open them more priests came into the basement and Claude went back toward them to fight. He hacked one as he was halfway
through the small doorway. The priests companions dark locked the priest blocking any exit for Claude. Claude returned to the room with the boxes.

Opening the larger boxes revealed a few corpses... one of which was the dead body of Lord Briss. Another body changed form into a shadow walker... a living shadow walker. Claude instantly dropped that and hid in shadows. The Shadow Walker offered Claude his life in exchange for a favor... go upstairs and kill the red headed man in the room two doors down on the left... and to take a coin from his left shoe. Claude took the offer and headed back upstairs. He hacked through a few more priests and then massacred the red haired man. The coin was no where to be found. Two more guards entered the room and tackled claude. Claude killed one and the other jumped out the window. Claude followed suit and hid in a dumpster.

Meanwhile Alyxandra, Eva and Dom (woa! Where'd he come from?) were holed up at the rondeveaux point. When Claude didn't show in an hour they headed back to Pregada to make their appointment with the Fat Man at dawn. Shortly before dawn Claude woke up and made his way to Prall to hide from the Solarium. He found an abandoned shed and dug in under the refuse to get more sleep. Dawn came and went and the fat man didn't show. Dom, Eva and Alyx went to Dom's Pregada room. There they found the weathered sea guy waiting for them to talk over 'old times' with Dom. A bit later the fat man showed up as well. His primary goal had been met but he wondered where the Shadow Walker body was? The Seaman went and got Claude (by way of the kurago, and poking their noses into the Solarium to get Briss' body). The fat man declared that a dead lord was just as useful and paid the adventureres... and removed the phanstasmal hirudo image that had been covering Claude since the Solarium.

Noteworthy Postgame Events