June 16, 2007

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Zwyc Livrak (On the road again.)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Kia Castel
Dena Silverwing
Elzgar Hemgrin, Haberdasher


Elzgar Hemgrin seeks assistance investigating a mysterious vault. Inquire at Hemgrin's Haberdashery

Plot Synopsis

After the death of his two sons, Elzgar Hemgrin decided to clean out the back room of the haberdashery to clear some space. He found trap door that he hadn't known was there. It lead down into a basement area. More mysterious yet was that there was another trapdoor into another area below that. In that lower vault, he found a pile of debris, a bookcase with some books, a desk, a small table with washbasin and pitcher, and a bed.

Checking the books revealed that they were diaries of a woman. Checking the debris, they found the woman.

In reading the diaries, they discovered that the woman was a seer. She had made arrangements to live here for a period 18 years ago to pursue philosophy and find her place in the world. Over a six month period, she did little mor than ramble. At the end, she had dreams that disturbed her. It was apparent from her diary entries that she wasn't sleeping well, wasn't eating, and that she believed these dreams were visions of things to come. Elzgar decided that he needed some help from people more experienced in such things than he. He placed an advertisement for such.

When people arrived, Elzgar explained what he had found, and showed them the last diary. The last six pages of that diary were written in a very disorganized fashion -- several sentences describing voids or holes and the world falling into them, followed by lots of numbers and strange symbols. Kia could recognize them as some form of mathematics, but could not descern their purpose or meaning. The last page was a sketch of a young man with dark hair, and a date: 10/27/10050. She noted that the man in the prophecies would be known when he revealed himself, and he would do so in a room with a picture of a single daisy with a green background. (she went into incredible detail on the daisy. )

The group went down to investigate the vault. They found all that Elzgar had described. They also found a small placard embedded in the floor noting that the vault was constructed by Gruber & sons.

In general, they spent a couple of hours investigating the room and the body of the woman. They found out that she had been taken from the vault to the Sanctuary for treatment. They were able to see that some dark figure found here there and murdered her, then carried her back to the vault. Upon sharing the visions, Zwyc was able to recognize the dark figure as someone he had encountered before.

Tess went to the Solarium to investigate the records of the building. A priest there promised to search the records, and bring what he could find. A few hours later, he arrived at Elzgar's shop. He was able to share with them that the building was built for a potter just after the Locks failed. After that, it was bought from a pair of merchants, Marcus Feder and Sherman Lane. They sold the building to Elzgar only a few months ago.

They were also able to visit the Enclave. There, they met a man who remembered an incident involving the shop -- Marcus Feder was murdered and found there. The murderer was never identified.

Noteworthy Postgame Events