June 02, 2007

Game Master
Joshua Ellison
Llew Ravenclaw
Kira Jackson
Ralst (sp?)


Adventurers needed to locate some old tomes. Ask for Raistlin at the stopover inn at nine AM.

Plot Synopsis

Around 8:00 a couple of bluefields go up in the stopover inn causing a minor annoyance as a few lightning bolts go off as well. After changing rooms and meeting with the adventurers to discuss payment, which was a good chunk of silver, the adventurers leave the plane to do as they were asked. They succeed and get payed.

Notable events...

Stopover inn was bluefielded twice for about 20 minutes total.
There are now information wanted signs for two mages, one from the centralia guild and one from the lentri guild.

Noteworthy Postgame Events