May 19, 2007

Game Master
Bob Richey
Mahagony Poplar
Orrg Ugthar
Von Limra
Assorted girls
Various bad guys


A serious problem has presented itself that needs immediate attention. Meet Dothan at the Rougtero Seplechar, the donation of your time and skilll are appreciated.

Plot Synopsis

The party is informed that a very rare condition called Aphysica, the unnatural lack of soul and spirit, has turned up in three people on a nearby island. As this is unprecidented number of victims, there is great concern that something is causing it. The party is asked to go look into the situation, eliminating the problem if they can.

The party travels to the island of Merfitt and meet Sloan, the head of the school where the soulless girls are. They are told the situation is trying to be kept under wraps and even the girls effected havn't been told. The party is given rooms for the night as it is getting late.

Orrg finds a note has been slipped under his door in the night. Being unable to read, he waits for the rest of the party to awaken. The note is from one of the students who tells them where a hirudo can be found. In the morning the party investigates the hirudo site, and are attacked by several people. After severly injuring several and killing one, it is found that they have been attacked by several of the girls from the school.

After some further problems, it is determined that the girls were convinced that Adventurers kill young girls wantonly, assuming they are all hirudo or evil. In order to save themselves, they felt it was best to get rid of the party before they came to any harm.

After the situation has been cleared up as best it can, the party is still willing to look into the soullessness problem. They eventually find a group of about a dozen men in the forest camped around a silvery swirling vortex, slowly leaking a shiney liquid. The camp is subdued or scattered after the grusome decapitation of the leader.

Through various means, they party pieces together that Darius, the leader, was hired by a man named Stephanarious to collect this material. Darius communication with Stephanarious was to be through sent objects and packages. The material seems to be coming from another dimension and as was determined to be some sort of magical waste product, containing at least some divine energy.

EXP - 2650
Payment - Satisfaction of a job well done

Noteworthy Postgame Events