May 05, 2007

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Craig Brown
Zwyc Livrak (On the road again.)
Mahogany Poplar


"I need your help to deal with an urgent family emergency. Meet me by afternoon at the Solarium

Plot Synopsis

Tachios receives a message from the neighbor of his sister, Rena - "Rena is missing and her husband Burrad is dead on the floor of their apartment. I know more, but won't trust it to writing. Gather your friends about you and come quickly." He posts a message on some bulletin boards and awaits response.

The four of them travel to the small, 2nd floor apartment and meet with the woman, Misra. She is obviously upset, and a bit paranoid. After admitting them into her home she give them some details.
- Late last night, she was awakened to the sounds of a scuffle next door. She got up to investigate.
- When she openned her door to check on her neighbors, she saw a large man in sleeveless white robes with a bloody sword descending the stairs. She heard other footsteps, but didn't see their source. She quickly closed her door to keep them from knowing what she saw. She waited half an hour to make sure they were gone, then went over. Nothing in the apartment has been touched since then.
- She found Burrad on the floor, in a pool of his own blood. Rena was missing.
- She hadn't gone to the T'orites, since she thought the man she saw was one of them. She can't tell the sects apart, and didn't want to take a chance on choosing the wrong one. Instead, she sent for Tachios.

They investigated the apartment. Burrad was still there on the floor. One rug was missing, as well as a small

statuette from a corner shelf. No money was taken.
New baby crib and blankets were in the corner.
They called for a priest from the Sepulchre, who found that Burrad was not yet dead. They quickly healed his body a bit, so that he would wake up and tell them more.
Burrad described the big man in white, whom he saw before being struck down.
- He doesn't know why anyone would take Rena.
- They had only confirmed that day from the Sanctuary that Rena was pregnant. They spent the day shopping for baby supplies.
- In their enthuseasm, they may have bumped into a group of three men, but he thought nothing of it at the time. Upon reflection, they may hvae been the men who attacked him and took Rena.

Upon leaving the apartment, they encountered a bum next to the building. With an appropriate bribe, they convinced him to tell them what he saw.
- Large man, and two dark-haired dwarves with a rolled-up carpet. They loaded the carpet into a cart that had some kind of long name, and a hat logo. The bum was able to point out the direction they left.

They investigate the marketplace, which was in the direction the cart left. They find three haberdasheries in proximity, all with hats on their shingles. They visit each one, and buy a few things.
Returning to Hemgrin's Haberdashery a second time, they see Elzgar Hemgrin, a dwarf with bright red hair, talking to his two sons, who are a bit darker in coloring.
Mahogany, in the form of a Grazern, is able to follow the two sons when they leave the shop. They walk to a nearby tavern.
Almost an hour later, a large man show up and joins the dwarves. By this time, the rest of the party has arrived at this tavern and are watching the goings-on.
Conversation between the men is brief and strained. There is mention of a meeting at a warehouse later, and an obligation by the dwarves to make sure all is in order. The man leaves. The dwarves finish their beers and leave a few minutes later.
The party makes arrangements, then follow the dwarves. Mahogany goes alone to follow the Man. Only a couple of blocks away from the tavern, they capture the brothers and interrogate them. They quickly learn about the large man, whom they called Jake. Jake owes them money for a job, and the job ends tonight at the warehouse.
- Yes, they helped kidnap a young woman.
- No, they didn't know why. They are paid not to ask.
- Yes, the meeting is set for the warehouse that night, well after dark.
- No, they don't know who the employer is. Jake is a middleman. They only deal with Jake.

The party relocate to a City Watch station, where they enlist the help of a few T'orites from the Enclave.

Meanwhile, Mahogany has remained in Grazern form and followed the man to a warehouse, then follows him inside. The warehouse is empty, save for a man scribing on the floor. His work is lit by only one candle, so she cannot see it. The man

inside is wearing a black cloak, and his face is hidden. Their interchange is short. Jake indicates that all is in order for that night. The other man acknowledges this, and continues his task.
Jake leaves, and Mahogany follows. He goes to a shabby hotel and enters room 17. Mahogany rejoins the group. She passes on what she has learned.
The T'orites join them for the walk to the warehouse, and prepare an ambush to capture Jake.
Jake sees one of the T'orites partway on his journey to the warehouse, and turns around to walk away. The party, who have been following him since he left the hotel, approach him along with two of the T'orites. After a brief scuffle, Jake is darklocked. The T'orites promise to take charge of him.
The group enters the warehouse. They see the dark figure inside a scribed circle, lit with many candles. At his feet, also in the circle, is Rena. She is unconscious, but appears otherwise unharmed. The dark figure looks at the group as they

enter and says, "I was expecting someone else. You'll do." He turns to Rena and raises his hands.
The party charges. Zwyc is just a bit faster than Merian, and enters the circle. Something changes when he does, for the circle becomes a barrier, and Merian is stopped. All other reach the barrier after that, and find that their magic and their weapons are blocked by it. Zwyc is flurry of flashing steel as he delivers multiple wounds to the dark figure. His success is brief, though, as the figure disables Zwyc with a spell. He raises his hands as they begin to glow. Lines of power leave his hands and connect with Zwyc and with Rena.
The T'orites and the party strike at the barrier, and it begins to be affected. With heroic effort, Merian flails at the barrier, unleashing super-human effort against it.
Rena's body began to arch, and her belly to swell. Waves of energy seemed to travel from Zwyc's unmoving form to the dark figure, then into Rena. In seconds, Rena gives birth. The dark figure kneels to take up the baby from beneath her dress.
Just then, the barrier fails, and Tachios and Merian rush forward before he can grab the child. Mahogany transforms into a tiger and knocks the figure down. Merian grabs on as well. Tachios moves toward Rena.
The dark figure yells, "If I can't have the child, no one can!" He raises a hand off the ground toward the child.

Merian and Tachios quickly interpose themselves between the figure and the baby. The figure takes the opening to lightning bolt the tiger above him, twice. Mahogany leaps off him to regroup behind the T'orites. Zwyc begins to stir as the spell paralyzing him fades.
The dark figure and Tachios begin casting, but Tachios' spell is faster. The dark figure seems unaffected, and finishes his spell anyway. He laughs as he disappears.
Tachios gathers up the baby, and Merian drags Rena out of the magic circle.

Everyone rushes to the Sanctuary. Mother and child are taken and given immediate care by the priests of Isis. The wounds of others in the group are also tended.
After a time, Rena and her son are reunited with Burrad. No one seems to have suffered any permanent physical damage from the ordeal. The priests confirm that the baby is healthy and fully formed despite being only gestated for two months.
Rena and Burrad agree with the suggestion from the T'orites that they go and visit family, and take measures to guard their safety.

Unresolved issues:

Who was the dark figure?

Was there something about Rena and her child that made the figure choose her for the ritual?

What was the ritual to take the baby really for?

What happend to the small figurine from the corner shelf?

Noteworthy Postgame Events