April 28, 2007

Game Master
Dan Lawrence


the continuing adventures of the Legion Wolf

Plot Synopsis

Heading back toward Lojem, the encounter an abandoned cruise ship with but 2 stranded travelers onboard. Talking on the passengers and looting the ship, they encounter a fisherman and his two young sons. They hear a tale of an abandoned village and travel with the fisherman back to this village.
There they find the missing villages, mindless and hungery for brains. The adventurers kill htem (sad). Eventurally they discover a crashed spaceship powerless (sic) in the jungle within the island. Not learning mush, they become trapped when an earthqake seals the vessal, but they find a way to extract themselves.
The creature whom feasted on the villagers brains escapes, sepperating into hundreds of small pieces and sailing away in the wind.
The now dead (in the cave in) fisherman's sons join the crew.

Noteworthy Postgame Events