April 14, 2007

Game Master
Dan Dubriwny
St. Claude (Dead now, but not really)
a couple other adventurers
Lestat de Lioncourt


adventurers needed to investigate murder in small town

Plot Synopsis

the adventurers met Lestat in his house. at his house he had a pet dog which just about every adventurer freaked out about. after a short amount of talking the adventurers go out to the portal and go to the next world that has the town. they travel for a bit some guys try to ambush them, then claim they thought the party were monsters. the party got to the town and started looking into the situation. after finding out that the person who slaughtered the people in the bar by biting them on the throut josh's tor'it tells the party that he felt the presence of a vampire when we walked into Lestat's house, and the party is now convinced that the man they're after is a vampire. they watch the graveyard and continue asking around. they get most of their information from the records at the town's mono-theistic church. the party eventually finds out where the man lives and sets out to his place. when they get there they hear crying inside. josh's tor'ite bursts through the door to see the entire floor of the inside of the house covered in blood of varying states of freshness and a man running out the back. claude pins the fleeing man with an arrow to a post and josh tackles and pins wrestles him to the ground. josh immediatly realizes that the man's eyes are bleeding and closed tight

the following interigation explains to the party that the man is cursed and called an "afflicted" they conclude that the man never ment to harm anyone and leave him there. they report to lestat who prommises to take care of the man.

reward: 20,000 silver each

Noteworthy Postgame Events