April 28, 2007

Game Master
Dan Dubriwny


Adventures wanted to get a tasty snack

Plot Synopsis

the meet was at the Rusty Dagger. the orusite was the first character to arive. she had a strong emotion of being a flirt. upon arrival she started flirting with everyone, male and female. almost everyone was trying to get her to drink and she wouldn't but finally she met a very intrieging woman who actually offered her sparkiling grape juice. the woman had violet hair and violet eyes and a COM of 19 1excp the flirting started to move toward maybe something a little more sexually serious. at about this time the other two adventurers walked in. Dante immediatly ordered a bottle of jack some drinks for the ladies and came over to the two flirting chicks and started hitting on them. after a little bit of talking Dante and the two women decided to retire to Violet's room. They seem to be at the screw the mission stage. meanwhile Rin goes over to the meeting room just to see those three pass her and go in and close the door. after a couple of seconds a jittery guy comes out of the room and tells Rin to wait for 45min before the meeting. Amazing sex follows and then they finally get to bussiness. Violet takes them to go see they're real employer. they go through a portal to find a Red Troll waiting for them, the red troll explains that he wants them to capture a lepricon for him to eat. they leave to go find this lepricon and later realize they never discussed payment. Dante pulls out a barrel of lepricon ale, and they start drinking, after a good amount of time they see that a lepricon is actually drinking with them. Dante is the only one not drunk by this point and starts trying to convince the lepricon that they should go butterfly catching for this really hot chick. eventually they convince the lepricon to come with them to go meet this really hot chick and Dante nabs him with the net as they're walking. the net which was given to him by violet prevented the lepricon from being able to do anything magical the lepricon started freaking out and then they were ported back to the troll's castle, the troll took the lepricon to another room in which everyone except for Rin followed and they watched the troll eat the lepricon in one bite. afterwards the troll asked how they wanted to be better, then gave them each a vile of blood he spit out. Rin immeidiatly drank hers without waiting for directions. Stunned the troll asked the other two adventures if they cared about Rin and they said no. the troll felt a little bad about what just happened to rin so he gave her another vile of blood. after the go ahead for drinking their viles they all did and went on their way, though the Orisite is now looking at learning coortison from Violet and Dante is persueing Violet at as a girlfriend while learning coortison from her. The vials gave Rin distance judgement and a very speciallized hive mind with the troll who the eventually find out his name is Red 13. Dante gained the ability to perform uncanny actions, and the Orisite is able to change into whatever gender her current sexual interest prefers.

Noteworthy Postgame Events