April 21, 2007

Game Master
Bob Richey


You are contacted by a man named Creshien to help stop in the destruction of innocent souls. Risk is expected and some unsavory acts may be needed performed.

Plot Synopsis

Party members were met by Chresien, who explained that a man named Kenwell kept turning up, despite a confirmed report of him having been killed. It seemed that he along with two other nomads succeed in creating an inctant that helps their spirits return to inhabit other bodies, similiar in style to a second lifer.
The souls of the bodies they inhabit are destoryed, and therefore, this man must be stopped. Creshien had tracked down Kenwell's partners, they are currently guests of the Tor'ites, having been arrested for theft. He assumes, they were probably set up by Kenwell.
He wants the party to go break out Dothan and Jerry, in order to find Kenwell and help destroy the incant that is bringing him back to life over and over. He offers 1000 sp for capturing the Incant and an addition 500 sp per person captured, including Dothan and Jerry.
The party talks to the Tor'ites for awhile, after which time, the gaurd carelessly left the cells unlocked, in his hurry to carry off a very large bag of silver he just happened to find. The group figures out a rough plan to get Kenwell after alieving some mutal suspiscion. While they are talking, a raggedy old woman approaches them and speaks of a beautiful princess that has been locked in a tower. Wanting to share the princess and her treasure, they go to rescue her. The old woman offers them a rock of protection against tigers, but it is refused.
On their way to the tower, they party is accosted by an old woman in a tiger mask. She is largely ignored and becomes somewhat dejected. The party reaches the tower, finds a VERY ugly princess. They rescue her and kill the "ogre."
Hannah scouts out Kenwell's place, get a good layout and the party goes to attack. Dothan sleep bombards almost everybody, unfortunately his long expected betrayal failed to knock out most of the party. He is eventually killed by Cray. Jerry steals the incant and makes a run for it, after being caught, convinces the party was actually helping. They capture Kenwell and let Jerry run off. They are paid 1500 sp.

EXP - 5000 +2500 for costumes

Noteworthy Postgame Events