December 09, 2006

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Canas Eragon (Other gods may hold power during your brief life, but Anubis holds power for eternity afterward.)
Jennifer (If it's a mutate that is worth having, then I have it or can do it.)
Dena Silverwing


Adventurers needed to aid in removing pirates from a local island. See Jubliee @ the One-Eyed Jack

Plot Synopsis

Jubliee was assigned by the Stockade to come to the aid of a local farming island village, where a group of pirates had taken the citizens hostage for ransom. She hired the group with the listed posting.
They went to the island and found the village. A marajo was docked there, with the name recently changed to Anubis' Fury.
The group reached teh island within Dena's Bag of Everything, searched the village, and Halt Timed the ship.
They were Halt Timed, but Dena was immune due to a magic item.
She used a Halt Time that Jennifer had Deferred for her and caught the barn where the citizens were being held. She also caught a few pirates. The rest bolted for their ship.
A few pirates tried to set up a defense, while others tried to drop the Halt Time in which their compatriots were caught. All was useless.
Four shot crossbows at Dena, but none had enough skill to hurt her. All four bolts fell harmlessley from the center of Dena's chest.
Dena openned her Bag of Everything and fired an Onager into the hull of the ship, point blank, with Inhuman skill. (Crit on a 12). It sinks.
Dena swims out to her ship, which is still on its way to the island. She returns when the spells are about to end.
The pirates had taken up hiding spaces in the village. The group spreads out once the spell holding them ends. On pirate tackles Assana through a window. Jubliee tackles the pirate as Canas send the pirate's soul on the express journey to Infero.
The remaining 37 pirates surrender.
Jennifer singles out a couple, looking for the caster of the Halt Time. Once that individual was determined, she Delivers him with her innate ability.
The leader of the pirates requests Jubliee bring Jennifer up on Charges for Murder, since the pirates had already surrendered.
The citizens are freed, and throw a party to celebrate. Jennifer salvages the ship, repairs it. The mayor of teh town claims salvage rights, and Jennifer buys it from the town.

Noteworthy Postgame Events