September 23, 2006

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
John Stern (JAS)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Lix Gye
Karla Eragon


People needed to help recover a valuable item. Ask for Karla at the Random Encounter at noon.

Plot Synopsis

On the morning before the job starts, the six adventurers wake up to find their most prized possessions missing. They spend part of the morning looking for them to no avail.

When they go to the Random Encounter to meet Karla, they are met by a very good-looking half-elf woman who explains she has lost a very valuable gold ring. When asked what it does, she further explains that the ring isn’t actually magical, but is the wedding ring she is going to give to her husband-to-be, an adventurer named Canás Eragon. Markov expresses disappointment at Karla being already taken, and quickly asks if she has any sisters, but it turns out she does not.

Explaining where the ring is, she mentions that she is a studious air mage who specializes in the dimensional magics. Recently, she discovered a plane that was created by Rudri long ago that randomly transports items from other planes to itself, explaining why sometimes things go missing and are never found. The other adventurers conclude that the items they lost that morning went there.

Karla leads the adventurers first through a portal leading to the Rosin Islands, her home archipelago, explaining that they actually stepped through two back-to-back portals and they are not actually off-world. She then leads them to a small house near a grove, and leads them to the basement, where there is another portal.

The adventurers step through the portal and find themselves in a 100’ square room with a door on each side. They randomly decide to check the south first. They first reach one room containing two men that turn out to be hirudo, and confront and defeat them, capturing one alive for questioning. They find out that the room to the north contains magic items, and the room to the west contains weapons, and make a mental note to go to each.

There is one room to the south that they check out first, which turns out to be a treasure room containing non-magical valuables of all types. There are more hirudo guards in the room, who the adventurers quickly dispatch. Searching through the jewelry, Markov finds Karla’s ring. Grabbing a bag of valuables, Markov opts out of the remaining looting and goes back through the portal, giving Karla her ring back and making off with his bag of gold.

The other adventurers continue to the north to look for the magic items, confronting a few more hirudo along the way. When Tanis tries to enter the magic item room, however, he is met by three successive Master Wards, one right inside the other. The wards contain, in order, Scythe, Charlatan, and Banish spells. Tanis breaks the wards and manages to beat the Scythe and Charlatan spells, but falls victim to the Banish and disappears. The other party members enter the room, to hear a booming voice saying that they can only take one item. Everyone complies except for Gregor, who tries to make off with two items and is caught on the wrong end of a Pith spell when he tries to leave the room.

Greyson and Kitt then make their way to the weapons room, where they are met by a chainsaw-wielding hirudo. Greyson claims the chainsaw after defeating the hirudo. Scared by what happened to Tanis and Gregor, the party opts to leave after that, but not before taking what they can from the treasure room.

The four remaining adventurers drag Gregor behind them through the portal, and Karla manages to revoke the Pith spell. When she asks about Tanis, the adventurers tell her that he disappeared and she quickly figures out what happened and dashes into the portal briefly to revoke the Banish spell, thus everyone makes it out.

Along the way, everyone manages to recover the item that was missing that morning.

XP: 2800
Pay: 100 Silver + a lot of loot

Noteworthy Postgame Events