August 12, 2006

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Cryler Sinderly


I need help to find out what is wrong with my father. If you can help me come to my room at the Stopover in on 09/05/10048. -- Cryler Sinderly

Plot Synopsis

The party arrives and Cryler tells them that his farther (Cedric Sinderly) has been acting strange for several weeks, after returning from a business trip. He has been distant, hanging out with shadier people, and in general acting not quite right. He wants the adventurers to take a look and find out what is going on, without harming his family. A payment of 1200 total silver (split however they wish) for bringing information is agreed upon.

After a day of traveling by small ship they arrive at the island. They take a gander at the house and then head to the bar. After dinner they go back to the house with an “Intervention” planned. Yes, that’s right. It is your standard talk to the guy and try to convince him that his actions are hurting himself and his family. Which may have to be followed by a “get him” maneuver. Walter knocks on the door and a house keeper answers. Asking for Mr. Sinderly she heads inside and comes back saying that he is not home.

After spending some time standing in the street, then the sidewalk, then heading back towards the bar, Walter and Darien notice that someone is leaving the house. It is Cedric and his wife. Following the carriage they find themselves at a fancy dinner party. Fighting the urge to loot and destroy they do eventually manage to find Cedric and get him and his wife out of the party.

After much spell casting, chasing, and a little bit of fighting, both Cedric and his wife find themselves thoroughly tied up. Then, after some clever thinking on their parts they find out that Cedric is an imposter. The location and liveliness of the real Cedric is unknown, but he is presumed dead.

EEPS: 2600 base

Payment: None taken

Noteworthy Postgame Events