July 22, 2006

Game Start Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
St. Claude (Dead now, but not really)


Adventures wanted to investigate strange happenings. Contact Henry at the Stopover Inn.

Plot Synopsis

Boats are disappearing without a trace near an island in the Rhine. The
adventurers interview some people but don't really find anything. In
scouting the ocean, Claude discovers an area that is impassible even by
an immaterial form. They discover that it is a very, very large metal
sphere that seems to be a semi-magical alloy involving adamantite and
elemental spells don't seem to be able to get through it.

After investigating the object for a while, it begins to glow and the
water starts to rapidly heat up. They quickly leave the area and when
they get back all sea life in the area seems to be gone. Dalia
eventually uses a Psionic teleportation spell to teleport into the
object and creates a Psionic portal outside so that everyone can get in.

Inside is a small, noticeably empty room and all rooms seem to be
lacking any furniture or decor. They do hear a soft humming from a
distance. At one point, they hear a loud buzzing noise that seems to go
on for a few minutes and then stops. They make their way through the
ship and find a room that has some controls in it. There is also a panel
that seems to be knocked out a sparks are coming from it. Claude casts
reassemble and it seems to be fixed. Omatsu gets knocked down as he
attempts to push a red button, but fails.

They do find a power source in the middle of the ship, but don't mess
with it. Claude discovers that all writing and light on the ship is in
the infrared spectrum and is able to see it using a magic item. After
getting a deferred "Read All" spell, he is able to read it. Everyone
also feels as though they have begun moving. Claude finds a control
panel and is able to work out some commands. No help commands seem to be
working, but he does discover that they are not longer on Jaern and that
the ship seemed to have been disabled until the reassemble spells fixed
the fault.

Some people stay on the ship hoping to discover its destination and some
people leave via Claude's bag.

Noteworthy Postgame Events