June 24, 2006

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Igor Sefgeyev
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Darnell (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Jasmine Bond
Dena Silverwing


Rumors are passed around some of the seedier bars: People wanted for item recovery, contact the barkeep at the One-Eyed Jack (Rougtero)

Plot Synopsis

Inquiring at the One-eyed Jack, they were each directed to an address on the north side of Rougtero. There they were fed and entertained by the house slave Semedy for several hours before the important individual actually appeared. The Stylish Man in Black needed to recover a statue that had been stolen from his house. The group negotiated for 500sp to recover. He offered additional pay for info about who took it and why. All he knew was that it was located in Fordshire. He wouldn't give his name, and mentioned that this house was not actually his residence.
They traveled to Fordshire, noting the large signs painted in red, white, and green pointing the way to the casino in Fordshire. It took a day and a half to get there, and was uneventful. During the trip, Halgir broke out Cart Bingo for entertainment. Igor drove the cart.
People wandered around Fordshire a bit noting the courthouse, the empty temple, the stable area, and the mercantile shop. They also found a small outpost for Burman's Fleetfoot message service. Then, of course, there was The Casino.
The Casino is an L-shaped structure, two stories tall, and about 300 feet on a side and still under construction. Inside are all manner of entertainments, dominated by various forms of gambling. The first floor is essentially one big room, with dice games, card games, rodent races, and a view of the eel races on the floor below. The second floor has shops and services, plus an inn.
Darnell and Walter (Jacob) spend time shopping for home decor as a means to look for the statue. Jasmine gets a room, and a new dress before entering the game room. The rest go straight to the game room and look around. Most gamble some, Igor scores with a lady gambler at a craps table. They adjourn upstairs for a while. Tanis spends time looking for food and drink, and complains a lot about the costs, then tries to check out the employee-only areas, but is denied access by the large men who are guarding the doors to those areas. Dena uses a magical ability to win big at gambling, then gets a room. Igor then finds someone who might deal in statuary, and meets him in an ally to discuss the statue, and was able to find out that the Casino has several basement levels, and that the statue would be down there if it is in the Casino at all.
Igor returns, and finds a lady serving drinks that he can talk to. After a bit of chatting, she agrees to meet with him and talk. He gets her to look around some of the employee areas for the statue. Bart, the Casino owner, visits Dena to offer congratulations on her big win, and to reiterate the rules against using magic at the tables.
Eventually, Dena disguises Tanis to look like a dealer, and Tanis is able to make his way into the employee areas. After sneaking and searching, he runs into Bart, who recognizes Tanis despite the incredibly detailed disguise. They discuss the statue. Bart admits to having it, and is willing to part with it for the right price. Tanis makes offers, but Bart isn't interested in Tanis' cash. They negotiate a bit, the finally Bart offers the statue for a favor to be named later from Tanis. Tanis is reluctant, but agrees. Tanis returns to the group with the statue. Igor sends it to the house in Rougtero with Send Package, and then they all make separate ways home.
The Stylish Man wasn't there, but he sent a man with cash to pay to folks, and Semedy prepared a meal for them all as well.

Results: The Stylish Man has his statue, the party got paid, and Tanis owes Bart a favor.

Noteworthy Postgame Events