June 03, 2006

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Trina (Illusions)
Ms. Bond
Cal Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)


Investigators wanted to help find a suspected killer. Ask for Andros at teh Stopover Inn.

Plot Synopsis

Postings were made only the night before, yet all of the respondents made it to the Stopover before the members of Rondo Papilio. Their Sondiveki, 'L', had spent the majority of the night in discussions with a group of T'orites recently landed in the area known as the Portal Farm.
The story began early in evening of 5/2/10048, when the Rondo was performing in The Square. During one of their breaks to change costumes, a man was thrown from the very building where the Rondo was changing. With the help of a few T'orites on assignment from Rougtero, and a couple of local Anubians, they determined the apparent guilt of Garis Kellin, L's husband. They took him into custody. The remainder of the Rondo spent the night arguing for his release on the grounds that Garis was inside the building, with L and the others, changing for their next act.
During Discussions, a ship landed in port with another group of T'orites who had been chasing the rondo for weeks in association with two other crimes. L put up postings looking for help to defend her husband's innocence.
Over the course of the day, 5/3, the group was able to determine that the magic used by the Anubians was genuine, but that it conflicted with the first-hand accounts of both L and Garis. They suspected more magic was involved.
They took one of the Anubians back to Garis, where he was able to scry Garis’ past to view his account of the evening. They proved that Garis was in the dressing room, just as he said he was.
Further investigation turned up a second-lifer: Andros, Garis brother and defacto second-in-command of the rondo. It happened that another Rondo was in port, and they were specialists in handling second-lifers. They took custody of the second-lifer, hoping to be able to separate the spirit and save Andros.
The group was paid and they went home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events